Expanding menu, single nested level (non-persistent)

This demo uses one of the following configuration files:

Javascript configuration (for ASP config add <% %> instructions and rename)
PHP configuration

And the following images:

It also uses this additional CSS - to reposition the menus, and to set the width of nested levels, using the simplified box model hack to feed a different width to IE5. The ID-selector and extensive use of !important rules is so that they have enough specificity to override the menus' default styling:

/* expanding menu styling */#udm ul {	margin-left:0 !important;	margin-top:1px !important;	width:124px !important;	w\idth:119px !important;	}

This configuration is not supported in Mac/IE5, because it doesn't support menus that open onclick.

For more information about this, please see Creating an expanding menu.