Horizontal navbar, relative position in a center-aligned container

This demo uses one of the following configuration files:

Javascript configuration (for ASP config add <% %> instructions and rename)
PHP configuration

And the following images:

The center positioning is achieved by using left-alignment on the navbar, then putting both that and the page column inside another container, which has an explicit width and is centered using margin for most browsers, plus an expression for Win/IE (in which margin-centering doesn't always work):

.centeredColum {	width:677px;	margin:0 auto;	margin-left:expression( (document.body.clientWidth - 677) / 2 + 'px');	}

Although the example above is my preferred technique, it doesn't actually matter to the menu what centering method you use.

The program can't predict what the container's width will need to be (which is why center-alignment isn't built-in in the first place). But once you've designed your navbar you'll be able to set a value - it might not be exactly precise, but close enough for this purpose.