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  1. TIME Names Mark Zuckerberg Person of Year
  2. Oracle Releases MySQL 5.5
  3. Smithsonian Celebrates 50 Years of COBOL
  4. Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle Form Patent Bloc
  5. Microsoft, Apple, EMC, and Oracle Form Patent Bloc
  6. Google Donates Windowbuilder, Codepro To Eclipse
  7. RubyGems' Module Count Soon To Surpass CPAN's
  8. Do High Schools Know What 'Computer Science' Is?
  9. 10 Dos and Don'ts To Make Sysadmins' Lives Easier
  10. Progress In Algorithms Beats Moore's Law
  11. 23 Years of Culture Hacking With Perl
  12. A Real World HTML 5 Benchmark
  13. VLC For Android May Arrive In Early 2011
  14. Does Typing Speed Really Matter For Programmers?
  15. VLC For Android May Arrive In Early 2011
  16. Joel Test Updated
  17. Hello, Android Third Edition
  18. Mozilla Posts File Containing Registered User Data
  19. Why Teach Programming With BASIC?
  20. Microsoft Research Takes On Go
  21. Why Creators Should Never Read Their Forums
  22. PHP Floating Point Bug Crashes Servers
  23. Study Says Software Engineers Have the Best US Jobs
  24. Apache To Steward NASA-Built Middleware
  25. Browser Exploit Kits Using Built-In Java Feature
  26. An Interview With C++ Creator Bjarne Stroustrup
  27. Interview With KDE On Windows Release Manager Patrick Spendrin
  28. Apple Releases IOS 4.3 Beta To Developers
  29. Are 10-11 Hour Programming Days Feasible?
  30. Google Pushes New Chrome Release, Pays $14k Bounty
  31. Lustre File System Getting New Community Distro
  32. Amazon, Not Developers, Will Set New App Store's Prices
  33. Arx Fatalis Updated, Released Under GPL
  34. Tomcat 7 Finalized
  35. Robots May Inspire Suits Against Programmers
  36. Cassandra 0.7 Can Pack 2 Billion Columns Into a Row
  37. Graphic Map of Linux-2.6.36
  38. How Facebook Ships Code
  39. Should Younger Developers Be Paid More?
  40. How Facebook Ships Code
  41. Firefox 4, A Huge Pile of Bugs
  42. Polynomial Time Code For 3-SAT Released, P==NP
  43. No More Version Numbers For HTML
  44. Firefox 4, A Huge Pile of Bugs
  45. Does Google Pin Copyright Violations On the ASF?
  46. Google Didn't Ship Relicensed Java Code After All
  47. IRS Nails CPA For Copying Steve Jobs, Google Execs
  48. Volume 4A of Knuth's TAOCP Finally In Print
  49. Volume 4A of Knuth's TAOCP Finally In Print
  50. Facebook To Make Facebook Credits Mandatory For Games
  51. LibreOffice 3.3 Released Today
  52. SourceForge Down After Attack [Updated]
  53. Android 3.0 Platform Preview and SDK Is Here
  54. Ruby Dropped In Netbeans 7
  55. EFL 1.0 Is Finally Released
  56. Example.com Has Changed
  57. Naming Bi-Directional Streams In an API?
  58. Example.com Has Changed
  59. Kaspersky Source Code In the Wild
  60. Julia Meets HTML5
  61. Chromeless Supplants Mozilla's Prism Project
  62. ACLU's Mobile Privacy Developer Challenge
  63. Java Floating Point Bug Can Lock Up Servers
  64. CouchOne, Membase Merge, Form NoSQL Powerhouse
  65. Rediscovering WWII's Top-Secret Computing 'Rosies'
  66. Post-Oracle Purchase, How Is Sun's Software Doing?
  67. Google Brings Design-By-Contract To Java
  68. BlackBerry Devices May Run Android Apps
  69. Nokia Gives Some Hints On the Future of Qt
  70. HP Donates To WebOS's Major Hombrewing Group
  71. Postal III, Source Engine Still Coming To Linux
  72. Google Asks USPTO To Reexamine Four Oracle Patents
  73. The Document Foundation Launches €50K Challenge, Legal Entity Quest
  74. Oracle's Open Source Identity Reborn At ForgeRock
  75. Can Android Without Dalvik Avoid Oracle's Wrath?
  76. Python 3.2 Released
  77. First Alpha of Qt For Android Released
  78. Comment Profanity by Language
  79. Final Android 3.0 SDK Released
  80. Google x86 Native Browser Client Maybe Not So Crazy After All
  81. Drupal Competes As a Framework, Unofficially
  82. RIM Does Not Want PlayBook Devs, Complains One Potential Developer
  83. Futureproofing Artifacts: Spacewar! 1962 In HTML5
  84. Open Source Guy Takes the Hardest Job At Microsoft
  85. Red Hat Stops Shipping Kernel Changes as Patches
  86. One Man's Quest To Build True Artificial Life
  87. One Man's Quest To Build True Artificial Life
  88. Disarm Internet Trolls, Gently
  89. Adobe Releases Flash To HTML 5 Converter
  90. In-Depth Look At HTML5
  91. Flash-to-HTML5 Translator: Smart But Not Pretty
  92. SourceForge Open-Sources Their Platform Software
  93. Drupal 8 Development Begins — 15 Bugs At a Time
  94. CS Profs Debate Role of Math In CS Education
  95. Twitter Discards Client UI Community
  96. Does Android Have a Linux Copyright Problem?
  97. Drizzle Hits General Availability
  98. Google Extends SSL To Developer-Facing APIs
  99. Oracle Could Reap $1 Million For Sun.com Domain
  100. Mirah Tries To Make Java Fun With Ruby Syntax
  101. Ask Slashdot: Data-Only Android For Development?
  102. Google Names Winners For Summer of Code 2011
  103. Google Engineer Releases Open Source Bitcoin Client
  104. Google Engineer Releases Open Source Bitcoin Client
  105. Google Delays General Release of Honeycomb Source
  106. CMU Eliminates Object Oriented Programming For Freshman
  107. ISO C++ Committee Approves C++0x Final Draft
  108. Expensify CEO On 'Why We Won't Hire .NET Developers'
  109. MySql.com Hacked With Sql Injection
  110. MySql.com Hacked With Sql Injection
  111. Java Creator James Gosling Hired At Google
  112. Book Review: Test-Driven JavaScript Development
  113. Why Mac OS X Is Unsuitable For Web Development
  114. Ridiculous Software Patents: a Developer's Nemesis
  115. Game Devs Weigh In On Windows Phone 7
  116. Oracle's Ellison Accused of Running Executive Fighting Ring
  117. NYT Paywall Cost $40 Million: How?
  118. NYT Paywall Cost $40 Million: How?
  119. Oracle's Ellison Accused of Running Executive Fighting Ring
  120. Game Devs Weigh In On Windows Phone 7
  121. The Vatican Lauds Hackers
  122. SQL and NoSQL are Two Sides of the Same Coin
  123. Judge In Oracle-Google Case Given Crash Course in Java
  124. Mono Comes To Android
  125. Kyoto Prize Laureate Unsnarls Electronic Networks
  126. Sorting Algorithms As Dances
  127. Microsoft TouchStudio Uses Phone To Program Phone
  128. Red Hat Uncloaks 'Java Killer': the Ceylon Project
  129. Tcl Announces NaTcl: Native Client Tcl
  130. Steam Success Holding Up Half-Life Development?
  131. Maqetta: Open Source HTML5 Editor From IBM
  132. Game Developer Group Warns Against Amazon Appstore
  133. OpenOffice.org To Be Given Back To the Community
  134. What Monty Python Teaches Us About Computing
  135. Open Source Programming Tools On the Rise
  136. Don't Expect an OpenOffice/LibreOffice Merger
  137. Book Review: RESTful Java Web Services
  138. NetBeans 7.0 Is Now Available
  139. NetBeans 7.0 Is Now Available
  140. Amazon Automatic Pricing Lists Book At $23M
  141. CryTek For Free: CryEngine 3 SDK and Editor
  142. Punish Bad Users With Drupal Misery
  143. Punish Bad Users With Drupal Misery
  144. The Importance of Lunch
  145. Using AI To Identify Innuendo
  146. Oracle, Google Move To Streamline Java Suit
  147. Developers: MS Hopes To Lure iOS Apps With API Mapping Tool
  148. Developing Android Apps Visually, In 3 parts
  149. Inside Mozilla's New JavaScript JIT Compiler
  150. Attachmate Fires Mono Developers
  151. Mickos Says MySQL Code Better Than Ever Under Oracle
  152. Oracle Plans To Hand Hudson To Eclipse
  153. Oracle Subpoenas Apache Foundation In Google Suit
  154. JavaScript Gets Visual With Waterbear
  155. Multiplatform Java Botnet Spotted In the Wild
  156. Oracle's Android Claims Cut By 98%
  157. Oracle's Android Claims Cut By 98%
  158. Does Microsoft Need Bug Bounties?
  159. Ask Slashdot: Moving From *nix To Windows Automation?
  160. JavaScript Creator Talks About the Future
  161. Gitionary: the Git Party Game
  162. Why the New Guy Can't Code
  163. I Like My IT Budget Tight and My Developers Stupid
  164. Is Process Killing the Software Industry?
  165. Sony Could Face Developer Exodus On PSN
  166. Small Devs Attacked Over In-App Purchase Button Patent
  167. The Arduino Project Gets a Core Memory Accessory
  168. Western Washington Univ. Considers Cutting Computer Science
  169. Perl 5.14 Released
  170. Lodsys Responds To In-App Purchasing Patent Controversy
  171. Do Developers Really Need a Second Monitor?
  172. Miguel De Icaza Forms New Mono Company: Xamarin
  173. 10,000 Commits To an Open-source Project
  174. 10,000 Commits To an Open-source Project
  175. Debriefing After Warsaw's First Startup Weekend
  176. Designing a Programming Language For Embeddability
  177. Confirmed: Microsoft Says It Will Open Source VB 6
  178. Confirmed: Microsoft Says It Will Open Source VB 6
  179. TI vs. Calculator Hobbyists, the Next Round
  180. Bug Bounties: Outbidding the Black Hats
  181. EFF Presses Apple To Indemnify Developers
  182. ARM-Based Arduino Competitor At SparkFun
  183. Professor Questions Sink-Or-Swim Intro To CS Courses
  184. Zero Install Project Makes 1.0 Release
  185. The Architecture of Open Source Applications
  186. After a Lull, Sun Server Business Grows Under Oracle
  187. JavaScript Servers Compared
  188. Experts Say Gestural Interfaces Are a Step Backwards In Usability
  189. Experts Say Gestural Interfaces Are a Step Backwards In Usability
  190. Book Review: Camel In Action
  191. Google Deprecates Translation API
  192. What Makes Parallel Programming Difficult?
  193. Ask Slashdot: GoodHomeschool Curriculum For CS??
  194. Rapid Browser Development Challenges Web Developers
  195. Ask Slashdot: Good Homeschool Curriculum For CS??
  196. Taking a Look At High-End Programmer Salaries
  197. Modeling Security Software To Mimic Ant Behavior
  198. Oracle To Give OpenOffice.org To Apache Incubator
  199. Book Review -- JavaScript: the Definitive Guide, 6th Edition
  200. Lodsys Sues 7 iPhone Devs Over Patent Infringement Claims
  201. Ask Slashdot: Verifying Security of a Hosted Site?
  202. Linux 3.0 Will Have Full Xen Support
  203. EFF Publishes Study On Browser Fingerprinting
  204. The Future of OpenOffice.org
  205. Court Demands American Airlines List Its Flights On Orbitz
  206. GPL'd Driver and Linux Support For New H.264 Capture Card
  207. CSS 2.1 Becomes W3C Recommendation
  208. Apple Bans DUI Checkpoint Apps
  209. Stack Exchange Website Profiler Now Open Source
  210. Ex-Google Engineer Blasts Google's Technology
  211. A Plea For Game Devs To Aim Higher
  212. Java SE 7 Finally Approved By JCP, 13 To 1
  213. Apple Eases Rules For Subscription Apps
  214. Coder Preps 3DS Browser Homebrew Game Library
  215. Devs Worried Microsoft Will Dump .NET
  216. Ubiquitous Computing Gadget To Teach Coding
  217. AI Takes On Pac-Man
  218. Ask Slashdot: Web Site Editing Software For the Long Haul?
  219. Programming Is Heading Back To School
  220. 15-Year-Old Sells Startup To ActiveState
  221. C++ the Clear Winner In Google's Language Performance Tests
  222. HP Sues Oracle For Dropping Itanium Support
  223. Microsoft Demos C++ AMP At AMD Developers Summit
  224. Microsoft Releases Kinect SDK For Windows
  225. The 8-Bit Computer That's Been Built By Hand
  226. History of Software Forks Favors LibreOffice
  227. Oracle Thinks Google Owes $6.1 Billion In Damages
  228. Life As a Bug Hunter
  229. Biggest Changes In C++11 (and Why You Should Care)
  230. Why Johnny Can't Code and How That Can Change
  231. USPTO Rejects Many of Oracle's Android Claims
  232. The Longhorn Dream Reborn
  233. Learning Programming In a Post-BASIC World
  234. Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 2 For Developers
  235. Ask Slashdot: Stepping Sideways Into Programming?
  236. Geohot Joins Facebook As Product Developer
  237. Announcing Ozma: Extending Scala With Oz Concurrency
  238. Native Apps Are Dead, Long Live Native Apps
  239. Developers Defecting From BlackBerry
  240. ESA Opens To Open Source Code Development
  241. 2nd Edition of Learn Python the Hard Way Released
  242. The Dark Side of Making L.A. Noire
  243. Oracle Shuts Older Servers Out of Solaris 11
  244. The Most Dangerous Programming Mistakes
  245. Apple Ships OS X 10.7 Lion 'Gold Master' For July Push
  246. More Oracle Patents Declared Invalid
  247. Developer Calls Amazon Appstore a 'Disaster'
  248. Drawing the Line Between Android and Linux
  249. Drawing the Line Between Android and Linux
  250. Are You Too Good For Code Reviews?