View Full Version : secondary menus cut off

06-17-2009, 02:30 PM
Ok, let me clarify my previous question. I am using the javascrpt menu system in the horizontal flavor. Also using the auto-size script. Now when hovering over a heading, the menu expands down as expected, but some menu items appear inline, rather than on the next line. This happens only when there is a large enough <li> item to make the menu wide enough to accommodate 2 items. This happens without the autosize script btw if you make the menu wide enough.

for example "Vitamins and Supplements, Pharmacy, Orthopedics, Durable Medical Equipment" in this list, pharmacy and orthopedics fall on the same line, even though they are separate list items.

My list syntax is ok i think.. and i dont see an option in the custom file that indicates the secondary ul's might be set to inline or anything.. any help is greatly appreciated.