View Full Version : Social networking Website launched for artists

12-18-2007, 09:54 AM
A Canadian publisher and philanthropist have launched a new Social Network website (http://www.ispg.co.in/) for artists, underlining the growing influence of the Internet in showcasing and selling art.

Louise MacBain said the site, www.myartinfo.com, could be compared to popular networking site www.facebook.com, and allowed artists to showcase their work, chat with each other online and blog.

"The idea is that it becomes a global platform for people to go and show their art," said MacBain, a wealthy businesswoman who has invested heavily in the arts in Britain in recent years.

"With myartinfo people can post for free their art -- not only visual art, but performing arts, film, poetry, sculpture, fashion, architecture and design."

MacBain's company LTB Media has also re-launched www.artinfo.com, an online guide to art and culture, and new Art Sales Index allowing users to access auction prices and other records for more than 200,000 artists. Robert Romiti, who designed www.myartinfo.com, said it bore similarities to major networking Web sites like YouTube and MySpace, but there were also differences.

"MySpace is great, but this is really honing in on art per se. It is not just about meeting people for the sake of meeting people, it is about sharing your skill and seeing what people think about your work."

The site has attracted 810 users from around the world in its first few days displaying more than 5,000 works.