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Sangui 10-17-2008 10:28 PM

Dynamic Expanding Menus
I have a dynamically populating expanding menu, where after I click to open the menu, none of the links are clickable.

var um={'menuClasses':[],'itemClasses':[],'menuCode':[]};
//path to images folder
um.baseSRC = "udm-resources/";
//initialization trigger element ["id"];
um.trigger = "udm";
//navbar orientation
um.orientation = ["expanding","left","top","relative","0.5em","0.5em","1000",        ];
//navbar list output
um.list = ["flexible","yes","no",];
//menu behaviors
um.behaviors = ["200","never","yes","default",];
//reset behaviors
um.reset = ["no","no","no","no",];
//horizontal continuation strip
um.hstrip = ["none","yes",];
//keyboard navigation [comment out or remove if not using]
um.keys = ["38","39","40","37","123","none","27","do***ent.getElementsByTagName('a')[0]",];
//styles which apply to the navbar
um.navbar = ["-6","-11","9em",];
//styles which apply to each navbar item
um.items = ["1","1","collapse","#ead4a4 #edbb85 #edbb85 #ead4a4","solid","#ead4a4 #ead4a4 #fae4b4 #fae4b4","solid","#ead4a4 #edbb85 #edbb85 #ead4a4","solid dashed solid solid","9","5","#ffc","#ffe","#ffc","75%","tahoma,sans-serif","bold","none",        "left","#008000","#b05010","#008000","normal","normal","normal","letter-spacing:1px !important;","","","right-green.gif","right-red.gif","7","..",];
//styles which apply to each menu
um.menus = ["-7","-12","1","#bdb #080 #080 #bdb","solid","9.8em","2","#f8fbd0","","greenshadow.png","2px","filter:alpha(opacity=50);",];
//styles which apply to each menu item
um.menuItems = ["0","1","separate","#f8fbd0","solid","#aca","solid","#f8fbd0","solid","5","2","transparent","#ecefc6","transparent","70%","tahoma,sans-serif","normal","none","left","#060","#000","#060","normal","normal","normal","","","","right-green.gif","right-black.gif","3","..",];
// DYNAMIC MENUS                                                //
um.menuCode['people'] = ''
+ '<ul class="onclick" >'
  + '<li class="onclick"><a href="../people/faculty template.html">Faculty Template</a></li>'
  + '<li class="onclick"><a href="../people/facultytemplate.html">Faculty Template</a></li>'
  + '<li class="onclick"><a href="../people/facultytemplate1.html">Faculty Template 1</a></li>'
  + '<li class="onclick"><a href="../people/facultytemplate2.html">Faculty Template 2</a></li>'
+ '</ul>';

I'm using the You Are Here, and Snapshot Cookie extension. I don't understand why these aren't links.

EDIT: This is in Firefox 3. It works perfectly fine in IE7.

colech 11-06-2008 06:36 PM

I think that you only have to use the "onclick" class for <li> tags and not <ul> tags as well. See here:


Please let me know if that works for you.

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