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Thank you for the reply. I did not try this particular path setting before, but unfortunately it does not work either. In the meantime, I have tried the following 5 options in udm-dom.php and udm-style.php:

// Option 1: suggested by udm
//$config = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/EE2/udm/udm-custom.ini';
// Option 2: absolute path
//$config = '/share/MD0_DATA/Qweb/EE2/udm/udm-custom.ini';
// Option 3: relative path suggested by EE2
//$config = 'udm-custom.ini';
// Option 4: relative to document root suggested in forum
//$config = 'EE2/udm/udm-custom.ini';
// Option 5: relative to EE2
$config = 'udm/udm-custom.ini';

With every test, I have made sure that the browser cache was cleared, but I could not get the udm menu working so far.
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