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Sorry for being a bit ignorant, but I thought that the PHP configuration of udm does not requires the js files? The js files are not mentioned in the PHP configuration
and they are not mentioned in the forum describing integration of udm in the Exhibition Engine.

The web pages are dynamically generated by Exhibition Engine. For making the changes you are suggesting, I would need to learn and modify the Exhibition Engine code, which is something I did not plan to do...

If the flaw is with my PHP version not supporting some of the statements in the udm files, maybe I can first provide the PHP configuration (phpinfo) for some crosscheck. If this does not yield a hint about the problem, I could include statements for debugging in the udm code? What do you think?

Unfortunately, I cannot just update or recompile php since this is on a ARM based system where I do not have a toolchain for.
Java is also missing on the webserver.

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