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Unread 02-16-2009, 12:16 AM
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Default Got it!

OK, all is working and just used a php include to add template.php to my drupal site! Downloaded the expanding-single.ini file and got that working too!
Thanks to the tutorials on this site.

One more small question to set the width? I see the entries in the expanding-single.ini file:

$um['navbar'] = array(
'0', // nav to menu x-offset (+-)["n" pixels]
'0', // nav to menu y-offset (+-)["n" pixels]
'154px', // width ["em"|"ex"|"px"]

and rather worryingly for me a comment "("%" doesn"t work right)"

My site has fluid width columns, so ideally I want navbar to have 90% width, is there a workaround for this?

Or am I beat?
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