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Originally Posted by Admin View Post
We are formally releasing UDM version 4.52 today. This minor version release includes additional support for Safari 3 as well as support for Google Chrome beta.

In addition to the enhanced browser support, we have resolve a conflict issue that was occurring with some configurations of jQuery.

To get the latest version, simply go to our downloads page here: and enter your license key.

All license keys will be valid (whether expired or not) now through January 1, 2009. After 1/1/2009, you will need to purchase or request an additional license to download the update.

I believe you should either extend the deadline on this or at least give people a chance to contest for this reason...

If you go to the download page to download code you purchase...
  • The .zip file downloads version 4.52
  • The .tar.gz file is UDM4 version 4.45
WILL SOME ADMIN PLEASE FIX THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Unless you explicitly go into the files and look for version numbers, you may end up with the wrong one even though you paid for the most recent version.
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