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Post Mac Firefox expanding menus don't appear plus parent link doesn't work

I'm really new to this so it's likely I'm overlooking something. Here's the test page I've constructed to try out UDM4:

It sort of works for Safari 3.0.4 (OS X.4.11), but not in Firefox 2.0.11.

The submenus won't appear in Firefox but the main (i.e., level-1 links) menu links do work; in Safari, it's the opposite: submenus appear, but main links that have submenus don't work.

Do I understand correctly that UDM4 is designed such that main <li> links that are followed by submenus cannot link to a webpage themselves (i.e., this is deliberate)? If that's the way it works, at least it explains the Safari behavior.

What I'm more confused about is the Firefox behavior (or lack thereof, eh!).

Also, neither browsers show the arrow indicating submenus exist, but that's the least of my issues. I suspect it's something I overlooked in the javascript custom file.

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