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Default Help with Menus-new to dropdowns


I am working on a pro-bono website for a local high school baseball team and decided to try using a drop down menu. I got the menu configured in the visual format that I want, but it seems to be very erratic in its functionality.

So far I've got the home page and one subpage (Schedules) built out in html. I want to make sure these are working correctly before I build out the rest of the site pages(which will be based on the "Schedules" page. The address is:

I've tested these 2 pages on Mac: Safari and Firefox, and Windows: IE7, Netscape 6.2 and Firefox. In no single platform does the menu work 100% correctly, which has me baffled.

Mac Safari: Works the best in--some text does not show on the drop down menus(SCHEDULES)-you can see the text only when you roll over the items.

Mac Firefox: The arrow gifs don't display properly in the level 2 menu (ROSTERS>VARSITY>PLAYER PROFILES), even though I've tried numerous path links and they work OK in Safari.

Windows IE7: The dropdowns don't work at all

Windows Netscape 6: The dropdowns don't work at all

Windows Firefox: The dropdowns work, but the text is missing on some menus (SCHEDULES)-you can see the text only when you roll over the items,. The gif arrows don't display right(ROSTERS>VARSITY>PLAYER PROFILES)-again, this is odd since they work in Mac Safari.

Any help would be appreciated, as I am more of a graphic designer than a programmer, AND this is my first attempt at using a drop down menu in a website.

A bit of trivia: this is the school featured in the film "We are the Titans"

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