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Sorry--my reply got cut off.

I did some more troubleshooting:
I had a gif file acting as a seperator element in the list--a graphic showing three vertical dots to go between items in the menu bar. I had these tagged as list items as shown here:

<li><img src="images/seperator.gif" alt="seperator" width="3" height="18"></li>

I removed the graphic and the menu does seem to work in Windows IE (still will not work in Windows NN 6.2). I assume this means you can't have graphics in your lists, or the dropdowns won't work--no big deal, I'll use borders to make seperators. (The graphics version did work in Mac Safari and Mac/Win Firefox)

However, the arrow on the Rosters:Varsity:Player Profiles submenu is still not working in Mac/Win Firefox. It looks like the menu can't find the path to the graphic and it is displaying a generic icon. This is odd, since it looks fine in Mac Safari and Windows IE. Any ideas on this?

The link is


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