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Question 2 IFrames -Iframe1 btn onclick load iframe2 src & pass iframe1 txtbox val as param

Hi, I need help please.

I need to create a textbox with a report url in an iframe below.
Onclick of button create IFrame and pass textbox value into parameter of iframe src.

I'm not to sure how to do this, i think some javascript is needed as I want the button to check the textbox is not blank value first and then create iframe and pass textbox value as parameter.

Does anyone have another method where there are 2 iframes:
Having the textbox & button in first frame - then Onclick check textbox not blank and load second iframe - load and pass textbox value as parameter.

<form id="form1">

<input type="text" text="Keyword" id="keyword" value="">
<input type="button" text="filter" id="filter" onclick="
<IFRAME id="frame1" src="http://srv08-za199/BI&rs:Command=Render&Key="+filter.value+"></IFRAME>"


Please Assist!
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