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It's at:

If you're going to take a look, I have another thing that I can't seem to get working. I need the hover state of the navigations to push the words down. I've assigned a class to them several different ways and called it in the js file and a css file, but nothing seems to effect them. I've also tried putting in padding-right to make the words appear centered on the background image, but that only put padding between the images themselves.

What's the difference between the udm-dom.js and it's lite and ultra versions?

Is it possible to put all the javascript into one file to reduce calls to the server?

Is some of the javascript to keep people from stealing? It seems like a lot of code for a menu. I want to implement a lot more javascript on my site for galleries, content, etc and I'm worried about slowing it down or having conflicts.

Thanks for your help! Hope my questions are stupid or annoying. I turned to UDM4 primarily because I need help with getting this work work properly.
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