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Default Problem with expanding menu


I have two problems, possibly related to each other.

1. One of the menuitems will not open the page on click, despite the onclick-settings according to the documentation. It is the "produkter" item in the example.

2. The "you are here" compains about error row 320 (on the commented version) when auto-open is set to yes.

Example here:

XML-code here:
<ul id="udm" class="udm">
<li class="onclick">
<a href="/index.html" title="Start">Start</a>
<li class="onclick">
<a href="/se/base/produkter/produkter.html" title="Produkter">Produkter</a>
<li class="onclick">
<a href="/se/base/produkter/undersida-1/undersida-1.html" title="Undersida 1">Undersida 1</a>

As usual I am in a hurry

Please help
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