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I created the css and looked at it in Firebug. When you click on a menu item, the following code on the sub nav/menuItems is produced:
<ul style="overflow: visible; position: static; display: block; height: auto; margin-left: 190px; margin-top: -150px; left: auto; top: auto; visibility: visible;">

If I remove margin-left: 190px; the sub nav falls into place, also removing the erroneous margin-top: -150px. But I can not see where I have put a margin-left on the sub nav in the udm-custom.js file. It seems to be inheriting from the um.navbar. If so, how can I stop it?

I want to use this menu for contract work, but if I can't get this bug worked out then I'll have to ditch it for something I can get working.
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