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Hi,I'd like to use javascript to select part of a textarea. To be more specific, I have the start and end location in the textarea I want to select. How can I use this cordinates to make a selection in the textarea that works in both Firefox and IE.Any suggestions welcome!Thank you for your...
Hey Friend, I have been having issues with this dilema and have done it in IE but when it comes to Firefox the buttons won't select the text. If you can take it any further to make it work with firefox please let me know. Here is what I propose.

<table cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=3 width="400px">
<td class=table_head vAlign=top width="40%">Coding</td>
<td vAlign=top width="10%">&nbsp;</td>
<td class=table_text vAlign=top width="40%"><textarea cols=55 name="mytextarea">"Some Text Goes Here"</textarea></td>
<td vAlign=top width="10%"><p><input type=button value="[Select Text]" onClick="mytextarea.focus();;" border=0 /></p></td>
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