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Default Where are new versions announced?

The UDM menu system is great. We are currently using the non-commercial license, but we may purchase the single site, 10-pack, or unlimited site license soon, depending on how widely we deploy the UDM menu system. Although we are non-commercial, we will probably want to purchase the commercial license so we can remove the link that says "Accessible Website Drop Down Menu by" (to appease our web committee).

Did I mention I think UDM is great? That deserves saying a few times. Very nice product.

Here's my question.

Short of periodically downloading the latest version, how do I know when a new version has been released? I know has an HTML comment that says "ULTIMATE DROP DOWN MENU Version 4.5 by Brothercake", so should I just keep watching that until it changes to (e.g.) 4.6 or 4.55?

Will version releases be announced on the home page ( ?

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