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I have a 2005 Toyota Prius and it is my second hybrid car. The first was also a hybrid, a 2002 Prius. These cars are exceptionally great to drive. I've had absolutely no problems with either of the cars. Prius drivers know we don't have to charge the batteries but people who don't drive these cars seem not to know this. Also, these cars have plenty of power and speed. I could easily exceed the speed limit here in Central NY State if I wanted to and found myself once going 80mph when I passed cars. I was surprised when I saw how fast I was going because I didn't feel I was that fast.
As far as mileage, in winter here in upstate NY, it gets quite cold and I find I obtain about 40 mph during very cold weather. In summer, I get easily over 50mph, as much as 53mph. I will never buy anything but a hybrid as long as I am driving.
Randall Flynn

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