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Default Flash Images


Sometime ago I created a UDM4 menu for a site.

I've recently had to change the site around and have discovered a curious behaviour. I've created a horizontal drop-down menu with UDM4. Several of the pages have a Flash animation (scrolling between photos) on the page. The UDM4 menu should drop-down over the top of the Flash animation.

The problem is that the Flash image takes precedence over the menu, taking a corner off the drop-down menu and looking extremely ugly and unprofessional.

Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this? Have I got something wrong with the configuration - which is entirely possible - or is it a known problem?

Here's the site:

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Set your z-order value to a high enough number so that your menu will sit above everything else on the page. This parameter can be found in the orientation array of udm-custom.js, udm-custom.asp and udm-custom.php. Change the appropriate file, depending on whether you're using the javascript, PHP or ASP version of the UDM menu.
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vinyl-junkie is right. For some udm specific documentation on this, please check out these links...




Hope these help.
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Brilliant: that worked! Thank you.

I had to set both the z-order and enable wmode transparency for the Flash movie.

Apologies for bothering you with this. I had searched through the user manual, but obviously not particularly well.

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