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Default CSS based design vs. Table based design

CSS based design vs. Table based design has been a debatable topic since long. Both the designs have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. CSS based design is however used by a majority of people today. CSS means cascading style sheets which enable us to split up the design and the content. There is a lesser need of codes in case of the CSS based design as compared to the table based designs.

There are various advantages of CSS based design. As the codes used are smaller in number it enables us to make downloads faster. This also helps the search engines in acquiring proper content from your websites which in turn leads to higher rankings. The ranking that the websites receive is of great importance for greater traffic and visitors.

Table based design makes use of greater number of codes which leads to formation of complicated patterns. This affects the ranking of the website. Here there is a mixture of less meaningful content due to the codes and your own original content. You can use CSS based design so that only meaningful content is displayed. You can also make easier modifications in CSS based design as compared to the table based design. The use of CSS based design is on the rise due to all these benefits.

Feel free to reply to this thread and add to this list, it will be helpful for everyone!

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