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Question Working with two config.ini

Hi, I am new to this forum

I'd like to move my client-side UDM to server-side, but I have to work with two config.ini because of my site is in two languages. The default is udm-custom.ini, of course, and the new one will be, say, udm-custom2.ini (it is not the real name, but I want to be clear because I am not a php dev and the manual made me confused a little as it is specified "config.ini" and then the word "config" occurs again in the syntax calling the config.ini, i.e. I am not sure if those "config" refer to the name of the second .ini file or not).

Well, for the second config file I set:

<?php $config = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/path/to/udm-custom2.ini'; ?>

then, in the page itself

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen,projection"
href="/udm-resources/udm-style.php?udm-custom2=<?php echo($udm-custom2); ?>" />


<script type="text/javascript"
src="/udm-resources/udm-dom.php?udm-custom2=<?php echo($udm-custom2); ?>"></script>


Finally, I add another $cmatch to udm-style.php and udm-dom.php this way:

$cmatch = 'udm-custom.ini';
$cmatch = 'udm-custom2.ini';


OK, my question is: Did I understand the instructions of the developer manual rightly or something is wrong? Please, shed some light on this.

Last edited by GabrielP : 01-12-2008 at 09:42 AM. Reason: I changed the name of the second .ini file as "santaclaus.ini" might sound funny and my question be considered not serious
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