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Question IE 6 Vertical Stacking of Nav Bar

I am unable to get the nav bar to display properly in IE 6. For some reason, the list elements are rendered vertically, rather than horizontally. I have reviewed every setting and the documentation to ensure that everything is configured properly. NOTE: This is working in FF 2 and IE 7.

To reproduce the issue, visit the following website using IE 6:

Then, visit the same website using FF 2 or IE 7. You will see how the menus are supposed to look.

Can anyone provide some assistance here?


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Unread 01-05-2008, 04:51 PM
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UPDATE: When I converted the .js file to the .css file and updated the includes, per the instructions found at http://www.udm4.com/manual/final/noscript/, the nav bar was finally rendered correctly in all browsers.

However, now the menus do not display in IE 6. (They still work perfectly in IE 7 and FF 2.)

Furthermore, when I revert all of the code to the original installation files, everything works except for IE 6. In other words, the menus look the the default menus, but the sub-menus do not display in IE 6.

Therefore, it seems like the issue is isolated to IE 6 only.

Hopefully, this will help jog someone's memory on the forums.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!


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