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Default spreadsheet directly into web design

I purchased a template site through www.9dx.com and need some assistance setting up tables in my pages. This site has a content management system for general web design but I do not understand how to add a table. I have for instance a profit and loss statement that I need to post for investors. It comes from excel and is a pretty large chart. Could someone direct me to a resource to understand how to add a spreadsheet directly into a web page?
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There are a couple of options.

First, if you're using Excel, you can do a "File" -> "Save As" and save it as a web page. That will create (with pretty sloppy HTML) a web version of the document.

Other options would be to convert the spreadsheet to a .pdf (probably best for a P/L statement) and place a link to that.

Finally, you "might" be able to just copy / paste into a web editing app like dreamweaver. I'm not sure on this one though.

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