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Originally Posted by JSRooky View Post
Do i have to make all the menu changes on every page in my website or there's a dinamically way to do it only by making the change in one file and have all of my pages changed?
If your website supports PHP, you can use a PHP include statement on each page in the position where you want your menu to appear. For example:

<?php include("nav_menu.php"); ?>
Then nav_menu.php would contain your navigation menu HTML, with possibly some PHP code.

For more information about PHP include, look here and here.
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Hi Vinyl-Junkie,
I think I already did it with the HTML, but now I have a problem with the menu height because I want to make it smaller and I don't know where to change that. Also some menu items have a splitter line to divide each one of them but others don't, so how can I make all of them to have this splitter line?
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