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Default Menu works in everything but IE


My menu works in everything but IE.
IE 7 hides the menu behind other page items:

<div id="region">
<ul id="udm" class="udm">

And CSS:
#region {
float: right;
margin: 0 0 1.8em 0;
z-index: 9999 !important;
position: relative;

And in IE6 it's even worse! The menu don't display at all!

Go to my test site at http://aberdeen.ludo.dnsalias.org/ and log in as: demo, demo

I've tried just about every option in the config files and browsed your site looking for solutions, but to no avail.

Any ideas?

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I tried your site in IE7. Don't know if this is a clue to the problem or not, but a dialog box popped up with the following:

A Runtime Error has occurred.
Do you wish to Debug?

Line: 10
Error: 'umTree' is null or not an object
Yes No
I'm not suggesting you should know why this is happening, just pointing it out so that Brandon can take a look into it.
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