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  1. UK Police Database Abuse 'Hugely Intrusive'
  2. Facebook Trapped In MySQL a 'Fate Worse Than Death'
  3. Standards Make Rapid Software Releases Workable
  4. When Software Offends
  5. Standards Make Rapid Software Releases Workable
  6. Stanford CS101 Adopts JavaScript
  7. BlackBerry Code Signing Server Outage
  8. Did Google Knowingly Violate Java Patents?
  9. Apple Spin-Off Hosts Enterprise App Stores
  10. Study Shows Programmers Get Better With Age
  11. UK Developers Quit US App Store Over Patent Fears
  12. Visual Hash Turns Text Or Data Into Abstract Art
  13. Linux 3.0 Release Delayed
  14. OpenBSD Marches Toward 5.0 Release
  15. Carmack Addresses FPS Creativity Concerns
  16. Developer Panel Asks Whether AAA Games Are Too Long
  17. Hillary Clinton Takes Data.gov Overseas
  18. World's Largest Visualization Analytics Display
  19. Making Sense of the NoSQL Standouts
  20. Windows XP In a Browser
  21. Oracle Acquires K-splice For an Undisclosed Amount
  22. Linux Kernel 3.0 Released
  23. Oracle Acquires K-splice For an Undisclosed Amount
  24. Google: Sun Offered To License Java For $100M
  25. Lodsys Now Suing EA, Atari, Rovio and More
  26. Oracle Ordered To Lower Damages Claim On Google
  27. FDA To Scrutinize Mobile Medical Apps
  28. 'The Code Has Already Been Written'
  29. Sun CEO Explicitly Endorsed Java's Use In Android
  30. The Rise of Git
  31. Oracle Announces Java SE 7
  32. Girls Go Geek Again
  33. Java 7 Ships With Severe Bug
  34. Java 7 Ships With Severe Bug
  35. Chinese Firm Launches Cloud-Based Mobile OS
  36. Emacs Has Been Violating the GPL Since 2009
  37. Unified NoSQL Query Language Launched
  38. How and Why Wall Street Programmers Earn Top Salaries
  39. Ask Slashdot: Using Code With an Expired Patent?
  40. Email In Oracle-Google Case Will Remain Public
  41. Escaping Infinite Loops
  42. Amazon App Store 'Rotten To the Core,' Says Dev
  43. DARPA Developing Video Parser
  44. The Most Expensive One-Byte Mistake
  45. Apple Removes MySQL From Lion Server
  46. Was .NET All a Mistake?
  47. Google Accuses Competitors of Abusing Patents Against Android
  48. Oracle's Java Polices Are Destroying the Community
  49. Oracle's Java Policies Are Destroying the Community
  50. Stanford 'Intro To AI' Course Offered Free Online
  51. Xamarin's First Mono Release - Proof of Life!
  52. Doom 3 Source Code To Be Released This Year
  53. Twitter To Open Source Streaming Data Analyzer
  54. What Today's Coders Don't Know and Why It Matters
  55. Office 15 Development To Go JavaScript, HTML5 For Extensibility
  56. KDE Plans To Support Wayland In 2012
  57. DARPA Commits To Funding Useful Hacking Projects
  58. KDE Frameworks 5.0 In Development
  59. Khronos Releases OpenGL 4.2 Specification
  60. Google Pulls Plug On Programming For the Masses
  61. Six Python Web Frameworks Compared
  62. Ask Slashdot: Am I Too Old To Learn New Programming Languages?
  63. Chrome 14 Beta Integrates Native Client
  64. See the PyPy JIT In Action
  65. Fluidinfo, Wikipedia For Databases
  66. Hard Truths About HTML5
  67. Oracle vs Google: Copyright Claims Must Remain
  68. GA Tech: Internet's Mid-Layers Vulnerable To Attack
  69. Serious Crypto Bug Found In PHP 5.3.7
  70. Microsoft Wants Your Feedback On Its New Python IDE
  71. US Gov't Lobbied EU To Approve Oracle-Sun Merger
  72. A Talk With Syllable OS Lead Developer Kaj de Vos
  73. James Gosling Leaves Google
  74. Google To Introduce New Programming Language — Dart
  75. Judge Wants Ellison, Page To Settle Differences
  76. Ask Slashdot: Best Programs To Learn From?
  77. Monthly Ubuntu Releases Proposed
  78. Inside Netflix's WebKit-Based UI For TV Devices
  79. SAP To Plead Guilty For Downloading Oracle Software
  80. Code Hero: Play and Learn
  81. Type Safety Coming To DB Queries
  82. Has Cleverbot Passed the Turing Test?
  83. PostgreSQL 9.1 Released
  84. Happy Programmer Day!
  85. Skein Hash... In Bash
  86. Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Developer Preview
  87. More Info On Google's Alternative To JavaScript
  88. Neal Gafter On Java Under Oracle
  89. Book Review: Metasploit The Penetration Tester's Guide
  90. Book Review: Metasploit The Penetration Tester's Guide
  91. The Google+ API Is Released
  92. Microsoft Previews Compiler-as-a-Service Software
  93. British Schoolkids To Be Taught Computer Coding
  94. Microsoft Previews Compiler-as-a-Service Software
  95. River Trail — Intel's Parallel JavaScript
  96. Why You Shouldn't Panic About Closed Source MySQL Extensions
  97. Client-side Web REPL For 15+ Languages
  98. Wikimedia Foundation Releases Their Server Config
  99. HP Begins Laying Off WebOS Developers, Potentially Firing CEO
  100. Oracle Removes Java Signatures, Breaking Webstart
  101. Wikimedia Foundation Releases Their Server Config
  102. The Great JavaScript Debate: Improve It Or Kill It
  103. Windows 8 Introduces a New Cross-App Data-Sharing System
  104. Using a Supercomputer To Predict Revolutions
  105. Linus' Lessons On Software Dev Management
  106. Mysql.com Hacked, Made To Serve Malware
  107. Oracle Demos New SPARC T4 Processor
  108. Oracle May 'Fork Itself' With MySQL Moves
  109. Ask Slashdot: Successful Software From Academia?
  110. Is the Sparc T4 Too Little Too Late?
  111. Book Review: Scalability Rules
  112. Is the Sparc T4 Too Little Too Late?
  113. To Stop BEAST, Mozilla Developer Proposes Blocking Java Framework
  114. To Stop BEAST, Mozilla Developer Proposes Blocking Java Framework
  115. Book Review: Scalability Rules
  116. Is the Sparc T4 Too Little Too Late?
  117. Book Review: Scalability Rules
  118. How Adobe Flash Lost Its Way
  119. Oracle: Proud, Self-Reliant, Increasingly Isolated
  120. Prototyping Boards Make It Easier To Find Flaws in Specialized Hardware
  121. BerliOS Software Repository Will Close At Year's End
  122. Deadline Approaches For Registration In Stanford's Free CS Classes
  123. Is Off-Shoring a National Security Threat?
  124. OCaml For the Masses
  125. R7RS Scheme Progress Report
  126. Unreal Engine 3 Running In Flash
  127. Robotic Arm With Home-Brewed, Open Source Voice Control
  128. Autism Traits Prove Valuable for Software Testing
  129. Oracle's Plans for Java Unveiled at JavaOne
  130. Welcome Back Kernel.org
  131. Ask Slashdot: Spreading the Word About At-Risk Open Source Projects?
  132. Searching For Mark Pilgrim
  133. Ask Slashdot: Good, Relevant Usability Book?
  134. Oracle To Pay US Almost $200M To Resolve False Claims Lawsuit
  135. Ask Slashdot: Does Being 'Loyal' Pay As a Developer?
  136. Google Apps Engine Gets SQL
  137. The Games Programmers Play
  138. Oracle To Bring Dtrace To Linux
  139. Oracle's Ambitious Plan For Client-Side Java
  140. .NET Programmers In Demand, Despite MS Moves To Metro
  141. Google Starts to Detail Dart
  142. Google Starts to Detail Dart
  143. Linux Kernel Developer Declares VirtualBox Driver "Crap"
  144. Ask Slashdot: Standard Software Development Environments?
  145. Remirroring Mark Pilgrim's Sites
  146. Linux Kernel Developer Declares VirtualBox Driver "Crap"
  147. Ask Slashdot: Standard Software Development Environments?
  148. OpenOffice Is Dying (And IBM Won't Help)
  149. Mojolicious 2.0: Modern Perl For the Web
  150. Coding Games In 48 Hours
  151. Will Apple Let Siri and Apps Connect?
  152. OS X Notifier App Growl Goes Closed Source
  153. Gnarly Programming Challenges Help Recruit Coders
  154. Open Source CPUs Coming To a Club Near You?
  155. Gnarly Programming Challenges Help Recruit Coders
  156. Microsoft Roslyn: Reinventing the Compiler As We Know It
  157. Microsoft Roslyn: Reinventing the Compiler As We Know It
  158. Gnarly Programming Challenges Help Recruit Coders
  159. Open Source CPUs Coming To a Club Near You?
  160. Ask Slashdot: What To Tell High-Schoolers About Computer Science?
  161. Web Apps Language Opa Gets a Web-Based IDE
  162. Jumentum Introduces a Single-Chip Linux System
  163. Android ICS Will Require 16GB RAM To Compile
  164. Jumentum Introduces a Single-Chip Linux System
  165. Analysis of Google Dart
  166. John McCarthy, Discoverer of Lisp, Has Passed Away
  167. Your Tech Skills Have a Two Year Half-Life
  168. Oracle-Google Trial Won't Start Until Next Year
  169. Is Perl Better Than a Randomly Generated Programming Language?
  170. Stanford's Open Source Human Motion Software
  171. Career Advice: Don't Call Yourself a Programmer
  172. Ask Slashdot: Best EEPROM Programmer For a Hobbyists?
  173. Google Maps To Charge For API Usage
  174. Things That Turbo Pascal Is Smaller Than
  175. Ask Slashdot: Learning Dart Development?
  176. Is the Apple App Store a Casino?
  177. Open Source Eclipse Celebrates 10th Birthday
  178. Tough Tests Flunk Good Programming Job Candidates
  179. Is SaaS Killing Native Linux App Development?
  180. Pancake Flipping Is Hard — NP Hard
  181. Apache Harmony Moves To Apache Attic
  182. Ask Slashdot: When and How To Deal With GPL Violations?
  183. Eclipse Launches New Programming Language
  184. Exploiting Network Captures For Truer Randomness
  185. Analyzing StackOverflow Users' Programming Language Leanings
  186. Experimental Virtual Graphics Port Support For Linux
  187. Adobe Ends Development of Flash On Mobile Browsers
  188. IT's Next Hot Job: Hadoop Guru
  189. How Do I Get Back a Passion For Programming?
  190. Solaris 11 Released
  191. Programming Cells, With CellOS
  192. IT's Next Hot Job: Hadoop Guru
  193. With Troop Drawdown, IT Looks To Hire More Vets
  194. Teaching Programming Now Emphasizes Sharing
  195. Teaching Programming Now Emphasizes Sharing
  196. Will Adobe's HTML5 Strategy Help Developers?
  197. Ask Slashdot: Physical Input Devices For Developers?
  198. A Job Fair For Jobs In India — In California
  199. The IOCCC Competition Is Back
  200. Minecraft Is Finished
  201. Adobe To Donate Flex SDK To Open Source Community
  202. First Look: Oracle NoSQL Database
  203. Has Apple Made Programmers Cool?
  204. Intel's Plans For X86 Android, Smartphones, and Tablets
  205. Occupy Flash?
  206. The Futility of Developer Productivity Metrics
  207. Andrew Tanenbaum On Minix, Linux, BSD, and Licensing
  208. Microsoft To Back Kinect-Based Startups
  209. JavaScript JVM Runs Java
  210. Is HP Paying Intel To Keep Itanium Alive?
  211. OpenPGP Implemented In JavaScript
  212. The Many Names of Linux Kernels
  213. OpenPGP Implemented In JavaScript
  214. Canonical Drops CouchDB From Ubuntu One
  215. Stanford's Free Computer Science Courses
  216. Secure Syslog Replacement Proposed
  217. Linaro Releases Ice Cream Sandwich Builds For iMX53 and Other Boards
  218. QT 5 Will Be Available For Raspberry Pi
  219. How Does a Self-Taught Computer Geek Get Hired?
  220. Reading, Writing, Ruby?
  221. Why Was Hypercard Killed?
  222. Ruby Clouds: Engine Yard Vs. Heroku
  223. Facebook Prepping For Massive Hiring Spree
  224. Have Walled Gardens Killed the Personal Computer?
  225. Ask Slashdot: One Framework To Rule Them All?
  226. Does Outsourcing Programming Really Save Money?
  227. Ask Slashdot: Getting a Grip On an Inherited IT Mess?
  228. The Rise of Developeronomics
  229. Study Shows Many Sites Still Failing Basic Security Measures
  230. Ask Slashdot: Ubuntu Lockdown Options?
  231. IBM Releases Open Source EGL Development Tools
  232. Java Apps Have the Most Flaws, Cobol the Least
  233. Google Demonstrates Chrome Native Client With Bastion
  234. Silverlight 5 Released
  235. Why We Need More Programming Languages
  236. Aerospace Corp Pays $2.5m To Settle Rogue Software Dev Case
  237. Facebook Releases JIT PHP Compiler
  238. Aerospace Corp Pays $2.5m To Settle Rogue Software Dev Case
  239. Ask Slashdot: How To Get Non-Developers To Send Meaningful Bug Reports?
  240. NVIDIA Releases Source To CUDA Compiler
  241. Firefox Too Big To Link On 32-bit Windows
  242. Qt 4.8.0 Released
  243. Oracle Sued For 'Extortion, Lies' By Montclair State University
  244. Qt 4.8.0 Released
  245. Why Developers Still Prefer iOS To Android
  246. GPL, Copyleft Use Declining Fast
  247. Canonical To Remove Sun Java From Repositories, Users' Machines
  248. Ask Slashdot: Entry-Level Robotics Kits For Young Teenagers?
  249. MapReduce For the Masses With Common Crawl Data
  250. MIT Software Allows Queries On Encrypted Databases