Developer's manual

Potential javascript conflicts

The menu script is incredibly well encapsulated, and uses only two permanent global variables - "um" and "umTree", and two global functions - "umIni" and "umNav". The chances of conflict are very low, in fact I'm only aware of two potential issues:

Mac/IE5 and window.onload

Internet Explorer 5 for Mac doesn't support the way the script initializes, using a DOM element as a trigger reference. So for this browser (or if the trigger element can't be found), the script will fall-back on a regular window.onload handler.

But it's as sensitive as it can be to whether your page already contains this handler, as it uses a closure around any existing onload functions before adding its own, thereby ensuring that all such handlers will be honoured.

In practise this means that if you're using window.onload, and you want both it and the menus to work correctly, then your event-handler must come before the udm-dom.js script include. If it comes after, the menu will not initialise for this browser or failsafe situation. You can always use a <body onload> handler safely, since it will inevitably be before the menu script.

<li> event-handling attributes

If you add custom event-handlers to the menu list-items they will probably not work, because the script already uses most of the common events as expando properties of those items. Add your event-handlers to links instead, or use the UDM API.


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UDM 4 is valid XHTML, and in our judgement, meets the criteria for WAI Triple-A conformance.