Developer's manual

All the navbar and menu items must be anchors - text directly inside <li> is not allowed. So if you want a submenu trigger that's not an active link, don't include an href but give it the class name "nohref" instead:

  1. some browsers can't access beyond the navbar, so for this group of people non-link items are useless;
  2. when javascript is not available:
    1. Mozilla can't tab-navigate to links with no href
    2. Internet Explorer doesn't apply :hover styles to links with no href

These circumstances are never applicable to menus, which is why it's always safe to have non-link items there.

If you want non-link items to have no rollover either, you can do this using !important rules in external CSS. For example, CSS like this:

However if you do that it will obviously apply to the focus state as well, and that's an accessibility problem - there would be no visual indication when navigating those items with the keyboard, other than the less-than-reliable browser focus caret. Therefore if you do this, you must restore :focus and :active styles to some extent (:active is used to simulate :focus in IE, which doesn't otherwise support it):


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UDM 4 is valid XHTML, and in our judgement, meets the criteria for WAI Triple-A conformance.