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Default DOM Manipulation Quick Question

I have a very simple question for somebody who is knowledgable in java. I need my page to look kind of like this text outline below. I know it's some sort of dom manipulation, but cannot narrow it from there.

So it would be like this.

When page loads:

Xbox 360

Playstation 3


Playstation 2

Playstation Portable


After selection is made
(Lets just say they chose xbox 360)

Gears of War

Halo 2

Grand Theft Auto

Guitar Hero 2


They then pick the game. After they choose the game they will be redirected to a page on the site for that game. I want it like this so that I don't need to make a couple hundred copies of the same page for each game for each system. So if anybody could give me a site that would teach me how to do this, or any other way of help it would be greatly appreciated!
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