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Default College Board Kills AP Computer Science AB

jhealy1024 writes "The College Board recently announced it will be getting rid of the Advanced Placement Computer Science AB examination after May 2009. The 'A'-level exam will continue to be offered, though there is no word yet on what will become of the AB-level material (e.g., if it will be merged into A or just dropped). Many teachers of AP CS are upset about the move, as it seems the decision was made without consulting members of the CS teaching community. As one teacher put it: 'this is like telling the football coach next year is the last year you have a varsity team.'"
Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Default Getting to know the College Board

Although ostensibly a not for profit organization, the head of the tiny group that controls the College Board takes close to a million dollars per year in salary and benefits. Meanwhile, the organization pays SAT test proctors $95 for almost 6 hours of work, explaining that the proctors are providing a "service" and should not expect reasonable renumeration for their time. This concept is apparently lost on the President of the organization himself. Furthermore, those of us who have been asked to read (correct) the free response portion of the various AP Exams are insulted by the dormitory accommodations, the cafeteria meals, and the miserable stipend offered. One wonders if President Caperton stays in college dorms and eats cafeteria food as he travels the country on behalf of the College Board. He certainly can afford better.
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