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Default Are browser stats important?

Have you checked out w3c's browser stats? This is VERY helpful when needing to test and/or convince a client other browsers besides IE 7 need to be tested!

If you are guilty of just testing for IE 7, shame on you! A paltry 20.1% July 2007!! Check out the link below for full stats:


If anyone has any questions or wants to brainstorm about SEO, please post and I'd be happy to entertain your questions. I am an Internet marketing guy by trade and I will be moderating this portion of the udm4 forum!
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Just a speculation as to why IE7 and 6 have over 50% of the population would be that's what comes installed on most every computer. I really don't see the difference in browsers. Anyways thanks for that, showed me a few useless browsers to test in when I could be working on other things on my site instead.
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i think firefox is best.
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