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Default Simple positioning problem....


I am working on a site and have some problem...

I have a colored bar that goes right the way across the page at the bottom, 50px from the bottom... I want it to always be this distance which i have achieved with position:absoloute...

but the problem is if the users screen is small, or they have resized the browser window the coloured bar overlaps the content of the page as its positioned absoloute to the page...

how could i get it to stay the 50px from the bottom... unless it reaches the bottom on the main content div? then it stays there and goes off the screen?

any suggestion?

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Make the positioning relative and do:

padding-bottom: 50px;
to achieve the positioning of 50px from the bottom of the screen.

You have other problems with the way you've coded this, mainly that you are expressing widths in terms of pixels rather than percentage. By expressing widths in percentage, you have the flexibility of being able to render your pages better in more browser resolutions while minimizing horizontal scrolling.
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