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Default Positioning Menu

Probably a silly question, but....

I have created a table which controls positioning of screen elements. I have placed my udm menu code into the appropriate cell. The udm menu appears in the top left of the screen overlaying the table elements.

How can I position the menu using the table?

Any help gratefully received.
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Sounds like you may be positioning the menu absolutely instead of relatively.

Open up your udm-custom.js file and look for this section:

//navbar orientation

um.orientation = [
	"vertical",	// alignment ["vertical"|"horizontal"|"popup"|"expanding"]
	"left",		// h align ["left"|"right"]
	"top",		// v align ["top"|"bottom"]
	"absolute",	// positioning ["relative"|"absolute"|"fixed"|"allfixed"]
	"0.5em",	// x position ["em"|"ex"|"px"|"0"]
	"0.5em",	// y position ["em"|"ex"|"px"|"0"]
	"1000",		// z order ["0" to "10000"] (menu takes 20000 headroom)
Change the "absolute" to "relative"

You may also want to check out these demos:



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Thank you!

I did see this setting but wrongly assumed that the 'Nav Bar Orientation' only controlled the Nav Bar and not the menu.

Thanks Again.
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